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Hidden Valley - Part 1

HIDDEN VALLEY 1939 - 1999

A sixty year retrospective and climbers guide

by Cyril Shokoples

[ Rick Cowburn on "Goats in the Machine" ]

Rick Cowburn on "Goats in the Machine"



HIDDEN VALLEY 1939 - 1999

A sixty year retrospective and climbers guide

First Edition / revision 1.0.4 / 991010 - ©1998, 1999 Cyril Shokoples


Printed in Canada

No part of this book may be reproduced in any form or by any electronic or mechanical means, including information storage or retrieval systems, without permission in writing from the author.

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This booklet has been published as a mini guidebook to supplement "Jasper Rock" published by David Robinson. This mini guide is being distributed for free via the Internet and at cost elsewhere. No overall area topo has been included as one is in the Jasper Rock guidebook. Support the Jasper climbing community and the tremendous effort it required to compile the information for the new guide. Contribute to the bolt fund at Gravity Gear in Jasper and… BUY THE NEW JASPER ROCK GUIDEBOOK.

All photographs taken by the author.


Rock climbing is a dangerous activity. In participating in this sport it is possible to suffer injuries or even death. Each climber must be familiar with the risks involved and be willing to accept those risks. Even spectators are at risk in natural areas such as this. The author accepts no responsibility for accidents, injury or death to persons using the information contained in this guide. Engaging in climbing simply because a guidebook exists is a serious mistake. Use caution in all your climbing activities. Inexperienced climbers should seek additional training from a qualified mountain guide. Training in first aid is also valuable whenever you are any distance from medical aid and is recommended for all climbers.

A Brief Copyright Story

Once upon a time, three climbers thought the effort of producing a guidebook didn't justify the several bucks it cost to purchase. In their turn, they each made bogus copies of the climber's guide. They then departed for their favorite rock. The first climber was attempting a triple jingus flingus dyno move and madly grabbed an old bolt to rest on. The bolt popped and he thundered heavily into the ground. The second climber left some gear in the back of her car while she went climbing. Upon returning to her vehicle later that day, she noticed that a group of roving vandals had reduced her car to pulp and stolen all her shiny and colorful climbing toys. The third climber retired to the pub after a good day of climbing. A local Lycra - clad lass enticed him into an evening of earthly delights. He later discovered that he had contracted an unspeakable social disease. The story has four morals:

  1. Don't trust fixed protection before testing it.
  2. Don't leave gear sitting around in the open in your vehicle.
  3. Always use appropriate protection.
  4. Bad things happen to people who ignore copyright notices.

Table of Contents

A Brief Copyright Story



Disaster Point - Traffic Jam Crag
Disaster Point Area - North Wall


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