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Article of the Month is a public service of Rescue Dynamics. Articles of interest on outdoor and rescue topics will appear in this space with a new article roughly every month. Many articles are in Adobe's® Portable Document Format or PDF. In order to view and print these files, you will need a copy of Adobe® Acrobat® Reader. The good news is that this software is free and easily downloaded. Follow the links below to obtain it. It also allows you to read similar documents at many other sites across the net. It is fairly simple to set this program up as a helper application for many Web Browsers, so that the process becomes almost invisible in the future. The various Rescue Dynamics articles, new climbing route descriptions, free climbing guidebooks and current route conditions will eventually all be available in this format for downloading.

Many of these articles were written by Cyril Shokoples and some of his articles originally appeared in other publications. They are reprinted courtesy of Cyril Shokoples. Cyril is an internationally certified Mountain Guide (IFMGA / UIAGM). He currently resides in Edmonton and is the proprietor of Rescue Dynamics, which is involved in climbing, rescue and safety instruction, as well as mountain guiding.

Not all of the articles linked to in Article of the Month are produced by Rescue Dynamics. Where this is the case a note will explain the site to which the link points.

In addition to the above links, a chronological archive will be maintained on a temporary basis.

COMING SOON: more articles up to and including 2014. Check back soon.

WARNING! Mountaineering, Skiing and Rescue are, by their very nature, potentially hazardous activities. The materials presented here are intended as an adjunct to, not a replacement for, sound judgement and experience. The accuracy of the information presented here cannot be guaranteed and may change with time. The onus is on the individual to verify the applicability of the information to a given environment before using it as the basis of any kind of decision. In addition, accurate knowledge of the use of various safety devices and systems is requisite to understanding the information presented and in determining it's applicability to your situations. Always use a backup to your systems where a failure could result in death or injury. Nature offers few second chances for poor or inappropriate application of information and techniques. The Law of Gravity has no Court of Appeal. This must not be your only source of information on any given subject. Seek additional training from reputable schools and guides. Common sense and a strong will to survive must pervade your thoughts and actions. By using the information contained here, you are releasing the authors and Rescue Dynamics from any liability for any injury, including death, that may occur. You have been warned.

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