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[ SWAT Team ]Booking a private course for you or your group is a relatively straightforward affair. First, look over our summer and winter climbing, skiing, rescue, and first aid courses to see if what you want is already regularly offered. If it is, then half your battle is over. If it isn't, then find a course or courses that resemble what you might like. The following list will help you locate brief descriptions of our regular course offerings in the four major areas.

Summer Climbing

Winter Climbing, Ski Touring & Avalanche Safety

High Angle Rope Rescue

First Aid & Emergency Care

PADI Scuba Courses

  • Open Water Diver
  • Advanced Diver
  • Rescue Diver
  • Divemaster
  • Scuba Refresher
  • Specialities
  • NOTE: special pricing applies for scuba courses. Contact us for details.

Next, check the upcoming course dates to see that the course you are looking for is not already running. If it isn't, or you can't find precisely what you want, then contact our office and have the following information ready:

What is it Going to Cost ?

Before anything else, you should note that custom courses may cost more than our regularly offered courses. You will almost always be better off taking one of our regularly scheduled courses from the perspective of cost. Having said that, it may not always be convenient or accessible for you to take our regular courses, thus we try to maintain flexibility in our locations and methods of delivery. In determining the cost of a custom course we look at instructor fees, meals & accommodation, travel and equipment requirements. It is impossible without knowing the particulars of a given course to say precisely how much it might cost, but we can give you some general guidelines.

For climbing and skiing courses the following formula will get you close to a final price if the course is taught in Banff or Jasper National Parks or surrounding areas. Beyond those areas additional travel costs may be added. These prices are based on an average day with an internationally certified full mountain guide. (The 7% GST or Good and Services Tax is NOT included in the following figures.) In most cases, ALL technical equipment is provided. Please be sure to enquire specifically as costs may vary for some types of courses. Participants are responsible for their own travel, meals, accommodation, proper boots and clothing. We can quote prices for all inclusive packages as well.

For three or more students, rates may be reduced for courses of two or more days in duration. Some discounts may apply for nonprofit clubs or organizations. If you wish to run a special offering of one of our climbing or skiing courses in one of our regular locations and you have a full class group, you may be charged regular rather than custom course rates.

For first aid and rescue courses delivered in your location, it is best to call us directly. In addition to the instructors, textbooks, meals & accommodation, travel and equipment requirements, these courses also have certain requirements in regard to suitable classroom and field practice locations.

The Final Word

Find the type of course you are interested in. Check that it is not already being offered. Gather the relevant information as presented above. Give us a call as soon as you start thinking about it. For special bookings, you should be contacting our office at least eight months or preferably a year in advance. This is particularly true of longer courses or those requiring complex travel or logistical arrangements. As a guideline, six months in advance for simple 2 day courses may be barely enough time, especially if you want to go during peak season when the demands for our services are greatest. If your schedule is very flexible, we may still be able to handle last minute requests, so don't be afraid to call at any time.

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