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Last updated Monday, June 5, 2023

How to Apply for a Course

Once you have found the course and dates you are interested in, you may want to enroll without further delay. In this case you can obtain the course applications and related forms in one of several ways. You can phone or send email to . In your phone or mail message you should request the information package for the specific course you want to attend. Of course, you can also send us mail via the regular post office. Write to:

Rescue Dynamics
5109 - 17A Avenue NW
Edmonton, AB, Canada T6L 1K5

You can download a complete set of application forms here at this site as well. These forms are in PDF Format. The various Rescue Dynamics articles, new climbing route descriptions, free climbing guidebooks and current route conditions are almost all available in this format for downloading.

IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT WAIVERS: Our insurer requires that we have a two part process for using and administering waivers. If you sign up by mail or email you must included a signed and witnessed waiver as part of your application for all courses. Once we receive your waiver and application you will be billed for the associated fees. You will also be required to sign a second full colour paper copy of the waiver in the presence of one of our staff members. There are no exceptions.

For courses that offer a certificate of completion throgh Avalanche Canada (i.e. AST1 / AST2), you will also have to follow the same waiver procedure for the Avalanche canada Waiver as well.

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Credit Card and Payment

If you wish to pay for your course using VISA® or MasterCard® and then email your application forms, you must download the printable Booking and Cancellation Policy in .pdf format which contains a printable copy of the credit card payment form as well as download the printable application forms in .pdf format.

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