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Public Courses - Climbing, Skiing, AST, Rescue, Mountain Navigation, First Aid

Basic Rock Climbing Basic Snow & Ice Climbing Intro to Mountaineering Alpine Climbing Rock Rescue Essentials
ACC Mountain Leadership Intermediate Rock Climbing Intermediate Snow & Ice Climbing Mountaineering: Beyond the Basics Mountain Navigation
Emergency Mountain First Aid Wilderness Emergency Care (Advanced Wilderness First Aid) Wilderness Emergency Care (refreshers) HARD Rescue One HARD Rescue Two
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Public Courses - Climbing, Rescue, Mountain Navigation, First Aid & Dive Emergency Management

NOTE: Public courses and guiding were suspended for summer 2022 due to continuing issues related to COVID.

Most of our courses are taught by Cyril Shokoples, an internationally certified mountain guide and outdoor educator. All of the technical gear is provided. Participants are responsible for their own food, boots, proper clothing and accommodation. Details of each course will be provided when participants sign up. All climbing courses are taught in Jasper unless noted otherwise. Participants are required to complete a medical form and waiver before attending any course. In order to book a spot on a course, you must pay the course fee in full in advance. Further information, applications and related forms can be obtained by calling Rescue Dynamics at (780) 461-5040.

Basic Rock Climbing
Dates: TBA
Price: $245.00 incl. GST
A two day course to introduce the basic aspects of rock climbing and related ropework. Moving on rock, knots, harnesses, simple anchors, belaying and rappelling are the foundations of rock climbing and the meat of this course. (If you have climbed at an artificial wall but never on real rock, this is still a good place to start. We cover top-roping AND multi-pitch climbing.) Course fee includes all technical equipment and a booklet on knots for climbing. No prerequisites, climbing gym experience is an asset.

Basic Snow & Ice Climbing
Dates: TBA
Price: $375.00 incl. GST
A three day course to introduce the basics of snow and ice travel and crevasse rescue. Use of crampons, ice axe and snow & ice anchors for general mountaineering are taught at the Columbia Icefields. Third day is an attempt at a summit climb (weather permitting). Price includes technical equipment (ice axe, helmet, harness, crampons, etc.) and a booklet on knots for climbing. Prerequisite: Basic Rock.

Intro to Mountaineering - The best way to be going!
Dates: TBA
Price: $600.00 incl. GST
Combines Basic Rock, Snow & Ice and a summit climb attempt (weather permitting). Course fee includes all technical equipment (helmet, harness, crampons, ice axe, etc.) and a booklet on knots for climbing.

Alpine Climbing Basic
Dates: TBA
Price: $275.00 incl. GST
Alpine Climbing introduces “Traveling at Light Speed”, the secrets of fast safe travel on alpine terrain, from short roping, to route finding, to how to pick your gear. One of the most popular courses over the last few years. We attempt two alpine climbs on this weekend. Prerequisites: Basic Rock and Basic Snow & Ice Courses for Alpine Basic. Intermediate Rock and Intermediate Snow & Ice or equivalent for Alpine Intermediate.

Intermediate Rock Climbing
Dates: TBA
Price: $300.00 incl. GST
For those people who have already taken basic rock (prerequisite) and have gone on a few climbs over the past year, this is the next step. Learn more about anchors, including the use of pitons, passive chocks, camming devices and more. Improve your climbing skills and learn about multi-pitch climbing. Pick up valuable knowledge on safety and other important considerations. Two days of solid information. Course fee includes all technical equipment and a booklet on knots for climbing. Prerequisite: Basic Rock and some "real" rock experience.

Intermediate Snow & Ice Climbing
Dates: TBA
Price TBA
more detailed information to follow

Mountaineering Beyond the Basics
Dates: TBA
Price TBA
Combines bot Intermediate Rock & Intermediate Snow & Ice - more detailed information to follow

Rock Rescue Essentials
Dates: TBA,
Price: $275.00 incl. GST
An introduction to “Self Rescue SRT” systems for climbers. The focus is on safety, escaping the system, raising, lowering, and self rescue. Rappel safeties, improvised stretchers and carries are also introduced. Every climber should have this course plus First Aid! Prerequisites: Basic Rock.

Mountain & Wilderness Navigation
Date TBA
Price TBA
Map reading, compass use, bearings, back bearings, triangulation, dead reckoning, aiming off, handrails, altimeter use, backstops, whiteout navigation, wands, satellite GPS and a whole bunch more jam packed into two fun filled days. A great mix of classroom and outdoor exercises.

Wilderness First Aid “EMFA”
Dates: TBA
Price TBA
This specialized course addresses common traumatic and environmental injuries encountered by climbers and skiers. Included in the price are critical components of a proper mountain first aid kit. This is one of the best attended courses we offer. Highly recommended by past participants.

Wilderness First Aid - Advanced "OWLS"
Dates: TBA
Price TBA
A very intensive forty hour wilderness first aid course for climbers, hikers and skiers, particularly those who lead groups in the mountains or outdoors. A good compromise for those who would like to take the advanced WEC course but can't afford to take two weeks off.

Wilderness Emergency Care Full Course (10 days)
Dates: TBA, (10 days), Price $700 including GST
We are no longer taking applications for this course
A ten day advanced first aid course for outdoor leaders and professionals. These courses are the standard for guides and outdoor professionals. See the WEC brochure or our website for more information. Price includes textbook and first aid kit and supplies.

Wilderness Emergency Care Refreshers (4 - 5 days)

See the Calendar

HARD - Rescue One – Professional
Dates: TBA, (Monday - Friday)
Price $600.00 including GST
This five day course covers technical rope rescue for outdoor leaders and other emergency personnel who wish to learn about wilderness rope rescue. It focuses on two rope rescue systems as used by Parks Canada, PEP and the Canadian Forces SARTECHs. No prereq.

HARD - Rescue Two – Professional
Dates: TBA, (Monday - Friday)
Price $600.00 including GST
This five day course goes beyond the basics to add pick offs, aerial ropeways, advanced systems and way more. Once again this course focuses on two rope rescue systems as used by Parks Canada, PEP and the Canadian Forces SARTECHs. Must have Rescue One - Pro or equiv.

Also Available in WINTER

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