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Rescue Three Professional is only offered on demand. If you or your group would like to arrange a Rescue Three course, please contact our office with details. Please check the Rescue Dynamics webite at at a later date for future updates. The following form letter provides typical information for this course:


This letter will serve to introduce you to the High Angle Rescue Dynamics - Level Three - Professional Course you expressed interest in. Dates and prices for this course are not currently available as this course is only offered on demand. The following information was from previous courses and is here so that you can get a general idea about the basic details of a typical course of this kind.

The cost of the course per person is $840 including GST. In order for you to be confirmed on the course you must prepay the course deposit, complete the personal information form and sign the comprehensive waiver contained with this letter. This must be done prior to the course beginning. If you have not paid, your spot is NOT booked. Please book immediately upon receiving this letter to avoid disappointment.

See our website for complete cancellation policies and procedures. Medical cancellation coverage is available for an additional $32.50. Should less than four persons sign up for the course, we reserve the right to cancel the course. We also reserve the right to cancel the course in the event of severe weather. Should this happen, your course fees will be refunded.

Prerequisite for attending this course is completion of Rescue Two or permission of the instructor to attend based on equivalent experience with the type of systems presented in Rescue One. It is also highly recommended that you have completed Rock Rescue Essentials as well prior to attending so that you have some basic SRT rescue skills as well. Completion of an Intermediate Rock Climbing course is an asset but not absolutely required.

A $100 non refundable, non transferable deposit will be required to hold each spot and full payment is required no later than eight weeks prior to course commencement. You should also consider purchasing cancellation insurance through a travel agent in case you are unable to attend due to medical or other emergency. We reserve the right to cancel the course for any reason. Should this happen, your course fees will be refunded.

A sample course outline is included with this letter. Instruction takes place on rock cliffs and slabs in the Front Ranges in and around Jasper National Park (midway between Hinton and Jasper). We will provide instruction and all the technical climbing equipment including hardware, ropes, helmets and harnesses. (If you own your own gear, feel free to bring it. It is best not to buy any new equipment until after the course is over, as you will make better purchasing decisions after you have tried out various items in the field.) We DO NOT provide boots, day pack or clothing. Proper climbing or work boots with a vibram sole are a must. Be sure your clothing can handle the changes in mountain environment, including heat, cold, wind, rain (or snow?), sun and insects. We are outside all day on most days, and the course will proceed in all but the most severe weather. Expect days to be long with the occasional evening session. The enclosed equipment list may help you to prepare for the course.

The meeting time and place for the course is 8:00 am on the first day of the course at the parking lot outside the Jasper Museum and Archives. Look for a white cargo van - VE6MTN. In case of emergency, you can try contacting us by cell phone on the first morning of the course at (780) 916-7951.

Further details will be provided upon your registration.

You must have a valid Park Vehicle Group Pass or Personal Pass to attend this course, as we are traveling in National Park areas. Be sure to purchase one when you first enter the Park if you do not already have one.

If you have any further questions, please email us or call (780) 461-5040.


Cyril Shokoples EMT, IFMGA
Chief Instructor / Mountain Guide

© 1990, 2001 Cyril Shokoples
(NOTE: schedule subject to change due to weather or other factors)

DAY 1 Advanced Review

DAY 2 Advanced Systems Concepts and Leadership

DAY 3 Operation Scenarios & Highlines

DAY 4 Major Operation Scenarios

DAY 5 Major Operation Scenarios

DAY 6 Major Operation Scenarios & Highlines

DAY 7 Final Operation Scenarios & Evaluation

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Rescue Dynamics
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phone (780) 461 - 5040
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