Rescue Dynamics presents:

Avalanche Search & Companion Rescue:

Modern Strategies and Historical Perspectives

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Presentation Outline

1. History of Avalanche Transceiver Development

i) The competition (2.275 kHz vs 457 kHz)

ii) Search Techniques (Bracketing, Induction line, Digital induction line, “New School” and the airplane model

iii) Problems and solutions (multiple burials, deep burials, signal overlap)

iv) How many antennas (1, 2, 3, 4 ?)

2. Probing

i) Features of a good avalanche shovel (research results)

ii) Position probing

Iii) Spiral Technique

iv) Spot probing

v) 3 holes per step technique

3. Shoveling

i) Features of a good avalanche shovel (research results)

ii) Avalanche Digging

4. Other Innovations

i) Avalung

ii) Avalanche Flotation Devices

iii) iProbe

5. A Holistic Approach

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